When it Comes to Your Child’s Health and Fitness, Keep Things Simple

According to some recent research almost 30% of American children are overweight or obese. Any issue that would negatively effect 1 out of 3 Americans would be considered a national catastrophe, yet the issue of childhood obesity is continually being put on a back burner, treated as insignificant or thought of as self-resolvable.We are talking about the future generation of this country being in jeopardy before they even reach puberty, yet we never hear the alarming calls from the government and education officials like we should. Most we hear is the acknowledgment of the problem before they move on to a different topic. No action plan, no assistance provided to help those of us willing to work on the problem. The issue is being continually ignored and it will NOT go away by itself.Certain community activists, parenting groups, after school programs and fitness professionals like myself are trying to do something about it. However we are constantly faced with major obstacles some of which are difficult to overcome, lack of funding for after school programs or for community initiatives come to mind.Because of this parents must be very conscious of this issue and to double their efforts to help their children stay healthy. If parents could concentrate on only the following 2 points, child will grow up healthy and happy.- Clean nutrition. Healthy eating habits will not only help the kids now, but will also instill healthy eating habits for a lifetime. What does “clean nutrition” mean? If you are not skilled in basic nutrition, and can’t tell your fats from proteins, just focus on whole, non-processed foods and certainly not some child-specific diet plan printed from internet.- Activity. Children do not necessarily need organized athletic activities, all they really need is to be put in a position to be active and use their bodies and not their fingers on a controller of their X-Box. What does “activity” mean? Anything your child wants, as long as it keeps their interest and keeps their body moving.So to sum it up, when it comes to your child health and fitness, keeping things simple, but consistent may have a far better effect than you think. There is no need to take a special nutrition class in my opinion or teach yoga to your child – they’ll just be bored. Keep things simple – sport games outside with friends should take care of the activity part for any child or teenager and better nutritional choices will keep them active and feeling great.

Take Responsibility for Your Health and Fitness Before Illness Takes Responsibility for You 1 of 2

Have you taken responsibility for your health and fitness? No. Then you need to. If you don’t illness and lack of health will take responsibility for you. In this first part of a two part article, I explain your current health and fitness is a direct result of your actions and decisions.Who has influence over how fit and healthy you are? Whose decisions and actions have brought you to the level of health and fitness you have at the moment? The answer to both these questions is “You do” and “You.”You are responsible for your health and fitness. You and no-one else. “What about my doctor, or gym instructor? Is it not their responsibility?”No! They are merely responsible for prescribing or advising in very specific circumstances, and usually to correct a problem. Correcting a problem does not create health and fitness, it just removes a problem. You are responsible for your health and fitness, not your doctor or gym instructor.It is very important for you to realize that the levels of health and fitness that you will enjoy (or suffer from) in the future, will be down to the decisions and actions that you take. It is your responsibility.Your current and future health and fitness is not the result of chance. You have got the results you have chosen, and you will have the results you chose.Look at these figures. Smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise reduces your life span by a decade (not doing exercise for 30 minutes every day reduces you life span by 5 years).
You decide not to exercise, not to eat healthily, and you decide to smoke. You decide to die a decade early.You decide to exercise for half an hour a day, eat a good diet, and be a non smoker. You decide to live an extra decade.Your actions are like picking up a stick. You chose to pick up a stick by the near end, but when you pick up one end of the stick, you also end up picking up the other end. The two ends are inseparable. When you make a decision, you chose to act in a certain way today, here and now. You know the here and now result. The other end of the stick is often years off. The effects of your decision will be felt in the future but are for now out of sight (and out of mind?).Let me give you an example. When I used to smoke, I picked up the near end of the stick, i.e. satisfying my nicotine craving. I also unwittingly was picking up the negative health effects of the other end of my decision. If I had kept smoking, one of these effects would have been to possibly go blind in my later years (smoking is one of the biggest causes of premature blindness in the western world. It was this fact that prompted me to successfully give up smoking).So, you are responsible for your health and fitness results, and no one else. Where you are today is the direct result of what you have decided in the past.In the second part to this article, I will show you how you weaken yourself by not taking responsibility, and how you automatically empower yourself when you do take responsibility. I also share the FIRST BIG STEP you need to take as soon as you have admitted, “I am responsible.”

Can You Travel And Make Money At The Same Time?

Here’s the story of why I chose Global Resorts Network over Coastal Vacations and many others out there.I have had interesting careers throughout my life, but got burned out by the 9 to 5 grind and difficult bosses. I also had run my own businesses before with a modicum of success. I am good at what I do, and never had trouble selling my product in the marketplace. Then along came the internet and online marketing and I was up against a whole new set of industry standards.A couple of years ago I decided I wanted out of the rat race and looked for something I could work at from home. Seeing as I am looking to enjoy myself AND make money, I thought I’d pick something lucrative and FUN. My first thoughts were the travel industry, because it happens to be a 7 billion dollar a year industry, and people are spending more time for their leisure. We are working harder, but we are also playing harder.I jumped in with the first thing that came along which was Coastal Vacations. I found out there was nowhere to turn to get simple questions answered and the package was a nightmare. It arrived in a hundred and one loose pieces with no instructions in a terribly outdated 15 year old vinyl binder. Then I tried booking a vacation and wasn’t prepared to jump through all the hoops I had to… just to stay in a two star hotel for the weekend. I was wondering how people were making money with such an out-dated and confusing package. Most of them weren’t. I felt thankful I had not even TRIED to bring in any sales reps under me.I started looking around again. And there’s a lot more travel companies out there but I suggest you hold on to your money. Most people fall prey to a savvy individual in their upline making good money. They’ve been in it for years and know all the tricks. They are usually the loudest too. They’ll encourage you to take their expensive trainings and buy into their latest business to help you with the one you just bought into. Before long, you have put out thousands of dollars without any sales or hope of making it in the travel business.I was so fed up I started looking into a new travel business. I wanted one that DELIVERED, one that was simple and one that had a good reputation. I didn’t want to handle customer complaints. I wanted something modern and all inclusive. And I found Global Resorts Network, which is an affiliate of a very successful European travel membership. I joined with the top team who does most of the companies marketing. We have telephone meetings every week with a strong support team. The membership gives you a password to get into a worldwide internet booking service that rivals Expedia, Travelocity and Hotels.com and has a 24/7 call center.So, why wait any longer? Our membership and pay plan is the best and you can relax that you are working with the right company at the right time with the right sales team. Call me or check out my website today. Live your dream as I am. Travel when you want and make the money you need.